Breaking Chains

by Pisser

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Breaking Chains 12" vinyl + shirts, etc. available online soon!


released June 4, 2019

All songs written by Pisser
except Hell by Tony Cyco (Skullkrusher)
Recorded and mixed by Kisho Torin Lever at Studio A.D.
Mastered by Topon Das at Apartment 2 Recording

Cover art by Mike Faille
Cover layout by Darrin Crosgrove
Vinyl art by Dylan Zdrobov
Each album is silkscreened by hand with love
by members of Pisser, Amir Bukhari, and Craig from Schizo

Pisser then:
Bonez P, Spencer B, Jon G
drums on this album by Phil B
bass on 1-3 by Tamsen F
bass on 4-6 by Jeff G

Pisser now:
Bonez P, Christian C, Steve M, Matt S, Shane T


all rights reserved



Pisser Ontario

Canadian thrash.

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Track Name: Breaking Chains
The night is young; we crack some beers
Attempt to numb the surge of fears
A couple brews lead to many more
Won’t be long ‘till we’re on the floor
But that’s not where this story ends
It’s where time and space begin to bend
God is dead, watch Lucifer rise
World crumbles around you, open the skies

Oh Great Lucifer, I want to be like you if I can
And Lucifer says, “Do whatever you want to man”

So we crank the DRI
Fists start flying, here come the black eyes
Beer can smash on your skull
The Rebel’s scared, thought he’d seen it all
Whatever you do, don’t scuff his shoe
You’d get popped in the hood in a second
For that kind of shit dude
Track Name: Nightcrawler
She’s hunting for you, she’ll pull you in
Her only solace, her world of sin
Innocent exterior, death inside
She died long ago; was she ever alive?
Dusk falls so she hits the streets
Searching for your soul to eat
Never been a compassionate girl
Worships the night and her demonic world

Nightcrawler, she’ll hunt you down
Nightcrawler, the meanest around

Never knows just where to start
Nowhere to call home when you’re void of heart
Her desires lie solely in destruction
Her goal is always pure corruption
No one knows where she comes from
Nobody gets why she’s done what she’s done
Slinking around the grimy ass bars
It’s easy to forget we’re all made from the stars

She preys on your weakness but it’s truly her own
She thrives in darkness, ‘cause she’s never known
Anything outside of the void that’s inside her
Malicious intent is all that abides her

The world makes monsters of us all
So don’t forget how easy you can fall.
Track Name: Willing Victim
Slap shit in a bag and serve with a smile
Ready in 3 minutes; shouldn’t meat take awhile
Beaming clown face of the nutrient apocalypse
Loving your convenience but personally I miss

When real food came from real people
When nobody worshiped the glowing arch steeple
When raising your kids meant feeding them well
Not encouraging descent into gluttonous hell

You wonder why you’re fat and bloated
Why you have no energy?
The shit you eat is fat and coated
In chemicals and MSG

Will your happy meal still make you smile
In your hospital bed, bathed in bile
Will you still be lovin’ it
When you can’t even run from it?

[When the masses]
[Don’t have access]
[To the option]
Of a good real meal
[When no one ]
[What it’s like]
To feel
[And in control]
[We’re all just force-fed]
The rations of the proles

We’re headed this way
And you’re pushing it along
It’s more than just
A frivolous song
It’s your life, it’s mine
You haven’t given a shit
I think it’s high time
We all take a stand
Against this consumer driven
Mass-production land
That we’ve collectively created
Well I fucking hate it

We’re losing our power, and food is the source
They’re depleting our freedom, not even by force
Indifferent to our own utter decline
Well I’ve got a bone to pick with the masses
‘Cause my mind is mine!
Who will stand with me? [We will]
Before we all fall?
Who wants to be healthy?
Who’s sick of it all?
Track Name: Camping
Fuck you Sean x 6

Crazy glass, 1902
Cock ring toss
Cliffs in the nude
This is camping x 3

LCBO Christmas
Family poutine
You can’t miss us
Causing a scene
This is camping x 3

(Thanks, Fuck You Sean, for being a good friend and a good sport!)
Track Name: Hell
(Skullkrusher cover)

Living, screaming
Never stop believing
Realize that life
Is oh so deceiving
Hard to believe
What the fuck’s
Going on
Force us to think
That there’s nothing wrong

No time to think
Why I feel this way
[Pride, strength, power]
It will be our way
All us unite
For friends to survive
We will work hard
So we don’t fucking die
This is hell x 2

So friends
Gather together
Build our future
Better than ever
Strength to the people
Destroy all the powers
Fight against
And not amongst each other
Track Name: Pulverizor
Rising above the metal gods of the ages
The Pulverizor- the all-courageous
Walks with might
And instills fright
You will find it advantageous
To bow in reverence
To the effervescence
The Pulverizor- the omnipresent
Revered by all
Surpassed by none
The Pulverizor- the only one

So bow your head and bang it
Adorn his crown and hang it
On a monument to ultimate glory
True metal heads, you won’t be sorry

Storming the cold, dark night
Taking a vicious and delicious bite
Out of all who dare to challenge
The heavy metal way
He who retaliates with a vengeance
He will put you in your place
All who dare to cross his path
They will fear his mighty wrath
His scornful screams
Will haunt your dreams
Your mind consumed
Torn at the seams

Look out!

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